Adam Rozett

(b. 1983)

Montana-based graphic designer, photographer, videographer, screen printer, and podcaster.

My digital creative career began by randomly opening Adobe Photoshop 4.0 when I was 13 years old on a Power Macintosh 6200. From that point on I spent many late nights obsessing about technology and figuring out how to manipulate pixels and code to do anything I could think of. My professional graphic design career began in the sign industry, while also getting my hands dirty in fabrication and running a large format solvent printer.

Outside of burning my retinas on a computer screen, during the summer one of my favorite activities is organizing and playing in a yearly badminton tournament [Badassminton Classic] which is now in it's 14th year. In the winter time you'll find me studying camera specs and trying to program everything in my home to be fully automated.